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Not sure about your family, but we are into philosophy and latest news when it is time to go to bed. And the news can’t wait until morning, obviously, and philosophical ideas have to be discussed right here and right now, or the world will come to an end, you know.

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Touch and Learn


You must have seen these adults who keep pulling their kids away from things, raising their voices telling them not to touch anything, doing the whole “1-2-3-4-5” routine and then dragging screaming kids away. Hey, you might have been one of these adults on some occasions. Guess what? You can relax and start using a different approach.

First of all, preventing kids from touching new and interesting objects doesn’t really teach them anything other than the fact that educational hands-on experience is not approved by parents. Ok, I know some things are valuable and may break. Want an easy solution? At home, put those things away until your kids are old enough to handle them with care. Your can’t really have happy kids and valuable objects in the same house. Continue reading

When your toddler says NO, a lot


We all heard that once your kids learn the word “No”, that is all you’ll hear from them. And then the people who tell you this will normally roll their eyes and start complaining about their disobedient bad toddlers who are always punished for saying the word. These stories scared me when I didn’t know any better. I was worried that I wouldn’t know what to do if my kids started being all negative with me.

But then it never happens quite how people tell you. Yes, your kids learn this word and use it, and like using it, but it is all so understandable why they do it.

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