You’re a mom when…


I miss not having to get up 100 times while trying to eat my meal. And by the time I am done taking care of the kids at the table, they are done eating and my meal is already cold. And by then I need to start cleaning up after them anyway and getting to the next item on our daily agenda. *Sigh*

The Joyful Mother (Positivity)


I love everything about this site. So much positivity about life and about being a mother that I just had to make a fence for The Joyful Mother. Enjoy!
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In her own words:
“My dream is to impact the lives of women that do the most sacred of all work – mothering. I see YOUR power, I see my power and I see how by calling that forth, real happiness is effortless for both you and your family.

My passion is to wake women up! Wake them up to an understanding that they have real power over their lives and that their happiness is worth investing in!

Imagine a world where happy mama is a default experience, where we know what this means for each of us and know how to keep this alive and real in our lives. Imagine what kind of impact a tribe, a society of happy, balanced, whole mothers would have on society?!?”

Crappy Pictures (Humor about Parenting)

When the going gets tough… you turn to Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures, my friends. YES to looking at parenting through the “sense of humor” lens. After all, if you don’t laugh at it, then you won’t be able to see clearly what wonderful kid/kids you have been blessed with. Highly recommended for parents and those who want to laugh at our expense.
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