Another meme revised


Ok, I really, really, REALLY can’t ignore this meme anymore. The more I see it passed around, the sadder I feel that people find it funny, and agree with it. I had to fix it.
Maybe if we tried to raise our kids as people who were not spanked, but respected instead; and we didn’t force them to believe that “better” has to be an external race against others for rewards, and not an internal process within yourself to become a better version of you today than you were yesterday; maybe THEN we would actually have ourselves a world where there is more justice, more sense, more compassion, more love, more respect, and more change for the BETTER. Maybe?

P.S. About competition:
Healthy competition: YES! Unhealthy competition teaching little inexperienced kids that this is a dog-eats-dog world: PLEASE NO!!! There is a time and place for kids to learn about such things, just not when they are not capable of competing and/or grasping the idea yet.

What Valentine’s day?


Instead of making an elaborate speech about the meaning of this holiday…I will only say that we mutually agree to have amnesia on this day in terms of gifts, cards, and chocolates. And we both don’t seem to mind, as long as we both know that we still love and appreciate each other. This way every day is a Valentine’s day around here, and chocolate is bad for you anyway. 😉

Birds and bees (meme)


Why do we feel the need to find some subjects uncomfortable enough to be discussed honestly with children? Why are some things off limits in some homes? Maybe because our own parents chose to be uncomfortable about those things, and we have been raised believing that they were. Well, guess what? Knowledge doesn’t discriminate, people do. That is why I choose to be open with my kids about things that I, myself, was raised to believe were not acceptable to be talked openly about. I believe that it is a very dangerous game letting kids learn things from other people, quite often their peers who don’t know any better themselves, or, even worse, total strangers who might have their own agenda in mind when approaching our innocent and trusting children.

Parenting is not easy (meme)


I really used to think that. Silly me. 😉

P.S. This is not meant to scare moms with one child only who are thinking of having more. In reality a lot of things are actually easier when you have two. You know better by then, you don’t make the same mistakes, your hands don’t shake when you need to change that first diaper, etc. You know what to do. You just have to do it twice most of the time. 🙂