Infant Circumcision is wrong


Circumcision. Never gave it a second thought and even considered it for my son briefly only because it was a norm. But, luckily for me, my midwife said it wasn’t necessary at all. That was enough to make up my mind. And later, when I was exposed to the horror of this cultural tradition here in the US, I got a shock of my life.
If you have no idea what I am talking about, consider researching further.

This article is a good place to start. Five parts total and every one of them provides new information and facts. Well worth your time.

“Part 1 – Circumcision Surgery Myths

Myth 1: They just cut off a flap of skin.

Reality check: Not true. The foreskin is half of the penis’s skin, not just a flap. In an adult man, the foreskin is 15 square inches of skin. In babies and children, the foreskin is adhered to the head of the penis with the same type of tissue that adheres fingernails to their nail beds. Removing it requires shoving a blunt probe between the foreskin and the head of the penis and then cutting down and around the whole penis. Check out these photos:

Myth 2: It doesn’t hurt the baby.

Reality check: Wrong. In 1997, doctors in Canada did a study to see what type of anesthesia was most effective in relieving the pain of circumcision. As with any study, they needed a control group that received no anesthesia. The doctors quickly realized that the babies who were not anesthetized were in so much pain that it would be unethical to continue with the study. Even the best commonly available method of pain relief studied, the dorsal penile nerve block, did not block all the babies’ pain. Some of the babies in the study were in such pain that they began choking and one even had a seizure (Lander 1997).

Myth 6: It doesn’t cause the baby long-term harm.

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Mama’s Milkies


There are some pages that defend their values and beliefs so passionately that it drives some people crazy. And you know what? I respect them for that. If you are just as passionate about standing up for children’s rights despite a lot of resistance, then Mama’s Milkies is for you. Thanks to them and other advocates like them, a lot of kids are having a better life now.

In their own words:
“Attachment Parenting! Breastfeeding, intactivism, cloth diapering, baby wearing, natural birth (and birth YOUR way), car seat safety, and ALL that fun stuff! (We also reserve the right to post about random topics to encourage discussion with our peers!)
We focus around all things motherhood. We believe everyone wants to be the best mother they can be, and with the internet at your fingertips, we have no excuse not to learn as much as we can to be the best parents we can for our children! We do get off topic sometimes as well and discuss general things about life.”

Barrel of Oranges


If you know me by now, you know I like people with principles. And those who use them to defend the defenseless. So it was an obvious choice for me to make a fence for Barrel of Oranges. I enjoyed her work for a while when she was blogging, and now she is also present on Facebook and it lets more people see what a passionate activist she is. And I just love passion and activism.

In her own words:

“I am a social progressive, human right’s activist, intactivist, writer, trophy un-wife, woman, friend, daughter, sister, mother, secular humanist, post-modern feminist, opinionated, paddle-surfing, snowboarding, home-birthing, skeptical, fiery, red-headed, nomadic hippy. Among other things.
On this page you will find me discussing various aspects of humanism, gender equality, social justice, western culture, religion, philosophy, and other aspects of modern social failure.”

Attached Parents at Work (AP for working parents)


This is another great parenting place that has principles. Everything activism and more, plus they are not stay at home parents so some things are more challenging for them than for the rest of us. So, check Attached Parents at Work out and feel free to join their community to learn something new every day, and find support if you are a working parent as well. Find them on Facebook.

In their own words:
“A community for attachment parenting and gentle discipline, especially for parents who work or go to school.
This is a PEACEFUL community for support, education and camaraderie. If you enjoy a heated debate then this is not the page for you. We’re not competing to see who is the crunchiest here. Please, no attachment parenting (AP) police. We all use AP to varying degrees and I ask that you respect other parents who have tailored it to fit their family’s unique needs. Some of us vaccinate, do not co-sleep or *gasp* formula feed. We do have a zero tolerance policy on trolling, personal attacks or misinformation that could potentially harm someone or promotes violence against children.”

Our Muddy Boots (Positive Parenting)

Mother’s love knows no limits, and in this case this love touches anyone who comes in contact with this positively-contagious site. Changing minds one at a time. Caution: You will cry, not even once, so get your tissues ready and enjoy.
Find them on Facebook.

In their own words:
This page serves as a place for those practicing attachment parenting to come for support without being told you should be doing it differently.
It is also a place for those who want to be surrounded by like-minded parents while learning to connect with their children instead of distancing themselves from them.
We are an Attachment Parenting advocacy page. There is no room here for proponents of cry it out, sleep training or scheduled feedings. If you are currently doing these things and want to try this way- you are in the right place.

Zen Parenting

My favorite place run by a good friend about “Education. Activism. Peace, Love, and Zen”. Listen to the fence and check them out!
Find them on Facebook.

In her own words:
Some people have referred to me as “crunchy,” “granola,” “Earth Mother,” “hippie,” and even “laughable,” “stupid,” and “crazy” (but I have to consider those sources). I don’t really identify as any of those. I’m just me. I just love my son and think the sun shines out of the cute little butt that I would do anything to protect. I want to raise him in the kind of world he deserves and I feel it is my duty as a human being to do my part to make it so. If this sounds like you, you’ve landed on the right page.

Boys Deserve Better (Genital Integrity)

There are some things I am very passionate and vocal about, and this site educates about one of them: things that directly affect babies’ well-being, violent things like physical and mental abuse of children. Circumcision is one of these things. Here in the U.S. it is WRONGLY assumed that not all babies are born perfect. Somehow boys are expected to go through a very traumatic cosmetic surgery in the first days of their lives, for no other reason than some medical and social lies parents are fooled into believing. Please, do your research, listen to your instincts, don’t hurt your babies! Keep them perfect just as they have been created.
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