How to teach self-trust

This is a wonderful way to explain how our parenting methods affect our children. I couldn’t put the whole quote into my graphic, so here it is.

“You can control your children

through threats and punishments

and they will learn to fear.

You can control their behavior

by praise and reward

and they will learn to look outside themselves

for approval and for worth.

You can watch over their every movement,

every action, every decision,

making sure they do it “right,”

and they will learn to always

doubt themselves.

Or you can love and guide

without controlling or interfering

and they will learn to trust themselves.”

Still reading The Parent’s Tao Te Ching by William Martin. Still enjoying it immensely.

Image credit: Jay Ryness

Quote (Alfie Kohn)


Sounds simple but is it, really? Unconditional love and respect for your kids is something that sounds great, but how does it work? Well, it starts with respecting your children enough not to subject them to humiliating and painful methods such as spanking, yelling, hitting, ignoring their cries, traditional time outs, and the list goes on and on. When you claim that despite all that you still love your kids unconditionally, ask yourself this question: would they know that from the way you treat them?
Not so easy after all, is it?

Unconditionally loving parents choose Positive Discipline. Do your research and start here:

Photo: Stewart Black (Flickr)

Shocking that it was found shocking

How odd that I found this beautiful nursing photo as an official mainstream ad for a clothing company, decided to show it to the Facebook world saying, “Look, it is not so bad if even this popular clothing company didn’t have a problem with it”, and instead it got reported and removed by Facebook. And I got a warning. Wow, people, babies need to eat, mothers need to feed, get over it and stop getting shocked. There is nothing shocking about something as natural as nursing your child.


And here is the original, in case you want to enjoy it without the Facebook warning:

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Santa Photo Flyer

I have done a post “No Santa Photos, please” about listening to your kids’ more while trying to take that perfect Santa photo.
Now that the season is here it would be great if more parents learned how to be more attentive to their children’s needs. I have been there, I have tried to take a photo with a completely terrified child, and I never thought, being a new parent, that it was a very wrong thing to do to my baby. I wish someone had brought my attention to my mistake, but better late than never.
If you care as much as I do, you can also try to get the message out there to educate more parents yourself.
Here I have prepared a couple of graphics you can print out and put them on an information board at your local library, store, or leave in other public places where there will be Santas taking photos with children. I have printed mine already and used them today.

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