Dulce de Leche


Here is one page I meant to put on my fence for a while. Finally, Dulce de leche is given proper recognition. Check her out and feel free to stick around, she has great ideas.

In her own words:

“A mom who is passionate about gentle discipline, breastfeeding, and parent-child relationships. Let’s encourage each other!

Loving our families and treating others, regardless of age, the way we would wish to be treated.”



MotherWise is an amazing resource for pretty much everything you need to know about pregnancy, birth, parenting, and health. And I am not even joking, it is almost EVERYTHING. I am still finding out something new, once in a while, from them. Thank you, MotherWise moms, for educating so many people tirelessly every day.
Have you discovered them yet? If not, what are you waiting for?
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In their own words:
“We are a page devoted to evidence-based, gentle, healthy, and intuitive parenting choices. We want to normalize natural parenting and healthy living. We are pro-breastfeeding, cosleeping, bodily integrity (against forced circumcision), gentle discipline, babywearing, informed food choices, vaccine education, and many other topics. We are firmly against bigotry. Sometimes we’re a little bit Mother Wise-ass”

Aunt Annie’s Childcare


I thought this was a perfect fence to create for Aunt Annie’s Childcare with her own wonderful quote to my “Happiness is” project. I had her on my list for a while and I am glad I waited, because now I am really happy of how her wonderful work is presented to the public. This is exactly what she is about–making children’s days better.
Check her out for lots of wonderful suggestions and articles on everything positive and kind in caring for children.

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In her own words:

“Advice and observations from a qualified carer and educator to help parents and childcare professionals maintain a loving, respectful relationship with their children.”

Meet my fence


If you ever get curious what my fence looks like beyond just that one segment that I let you see, here it is. This is our fence: some things created by me, and some by my kids. Because I can’t work alone without my two little helpers, we all learned to share the fence. Well, I learned to share it, they are still work in progress. 😉

Food Renegade


Because I also care about my family’s diet and health, I really like what Food Renegade is educating about. Started following her about a month ago, and really love what I am seeing in my newsfeed. Check her out and prepare to get inspired to change some things in your home.
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In her own words:

“I’m a wife, a homeschooling mother, a nutrition & wellness coach, and a passionate advocate for what I call “real food” — as opposed to the edible food-like substances which dominate America’s food industry today.

I want to save lives.
Your life.
My life.
My family’s life.

I want us to shout a collective and resounding “NO!” to the killers overrunning our society: diabetes, heart-disease, obesity, and cancer. After years of studying nutrition, I believe I know the root cause of all these diseases — the Western Diet. The fast-food obsessed, over-processed, ignorantly-prepared diet of the Average American.

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Happy Hooligans


Today I want to share my latest obsession Happy Hooligans. I have only started following them a couple of months ago, but I am officially in love with their page and website. They give me so many creative ideas about what I can do with my kids, and how all of us can have fun and learn something as well. I somehow figured the owner was a mother enjoying life with her children at home, but then I read her introduction and realized that she actually runs a home daycare. How wonderful is that? Wish there were more such daycares for kids to enjoy. Also on Facebook.

There is something about her personal story that is very special as well. In her own words:

“Before starting our family, I had a career in bank management. Because of a my life-long love for children, I was certain that a home daycare would be right up my alley. I opened my doors in 1998 when my first son was 11 months old, and I’ve never looked back.
I often say I have one of the best jobs on the planet. It allowed me to be at home with my boys during their formative years, and running a home daycare meant that while I was/am technically a WAHM, my focus was and always has been on the children. And I can say without a doubt that my daycare has filled me with more joy, passion and satisfaction than my career in the corporate world ever could have.

The Hooligans and I spend our days crafting, baking, creating, exploring and adventuring. We’re all about old-fashioned fun here: getting messy, imaginative play, outdoor fun, and realizing the value of free and unstructured play.
I hope that Happy Hooligans might also serve as a the kind of place that inspires others.”