How to teach self-trust

This is a wonderful way to explain how our parenting methods affect our children. I couldn’t put the whole quote into my graphic, so here it is.

“You can control your children

through threats and punishments

and they will learn to fear.

You can control their behavior

by praise and reward

and they will learn to look outside themselves

for approval and for worth.

You can watch over their every movement,

every action, every decision,

making sure they do it “right,”

and they will learn to always

doubt themselves.

Or you can love and guide

without controlling or interfering

and they will learn to trust themselves.”

Still reading The Parent’s Tao Te Ching by William Martin. Still enjoying it immensely.

Image credit: Jay Ryness

Happiness is contagious

I think it is very important for our children to see that we are passionate about things. I believe that we teach by example, and not by words only. Want your kid to be really interested in something? Are you interested in something yourself so he/she can see how happy it makes you?

There is really no point trying to instill a love for something specific in your child that you, yourself, don’t enjoy doing yourself. So, don’t even waste time. Lead by example, do something you love and let your kids notice and maybe even participate. Show them simple ways to find pleasure in doing things they enjoy. Happiness will follow.

Image credit: Jay Ryness (Flickr)