My peaceful parenting rant


Just saw some FOX News host repeatedly shake his belt in the faces of three experts sitting in his studio and trying to argue that spanking and hitting children is outdated, and modern parents should use more peaceful methods based on recent studies. And he just kept laughing and shaking his belt, and saying that he was spanked, beaten, punched in the face, etc., yet he is fine, not mentally scarred, and definitely has no problem with any parent doing what had been done to him. I was speechless. And shocked. Yes, shocked and speechless.

Just because something questionable had been done to you doesn’t mean it is right, and/or should be done to others. Is it clear?
Just because you survived in the past doesn’t mean others have to try hard to survive in the present. And even if they do, they may feel differently about their childhood experience in the future. Do you understand?
When we know better, we should do better. Or, at least, when everyone else knows better, don’t try to stop them from doing better. Got it?

Violence begets violence. Do we really need more violence in this world? Let’s support love, respect, and kindness. Because old-school parental violence hasn’t really done much for the world. Let’s roll with the changing times and try to create a better world for our children’s sake. What do we have to lose, really?

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