No more spanking memes, please


Didn’t plan to revise any pro-spanking memes today, but was sent this new “gem” by a concerned peaceful parent, asking if anything could be done with it. I think that yes, something could and should be done with it. There are too many similar memes being shared with lots of laughter about “wonderful” childhood memories brought back in relation to these objects. Well, you know what? It is one thing to remember these often misused household items, and it is another thing to see them as something amusing and worth repeating with your own children in this day and age.

I know, I know, I said it a million times before, but I will say it again: TIMES CHANGED.
Yes, your parents may have believed that spanking kids was a necessary disciplinary method in those days, but we now know that it not only negatively affects parent-child relationship, but also causes a lot of mental and, in some sad cases, physical issues to children being raised in such a negative home environment.

Do some research of peaceful/positive parenting, and equip yourselves with modern disciplinary methods without the need to use force against smaller, more vulnerable, dependent on you, and fragile human beings. Do it for your children, fill their lives with more love and respect than you, yourself, were offered. Not because your parents didn’t love you, but because they didn’t know any better. But we DO now. We know better, and we do better.

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