Quote (Kristen Crockett)


These are my thoughts every time I see parents being disrespectful and violent with their kids. I understand where they are coming from. They have been treated the exact same way when they, themselves, were kids. Most of them don’t even see anything wrong with their negative parenting style, they never stop and think that, maybe, this is not right. And some of them become very aggressive towards anyone suggesting that there are other ways of raising kids, more peaceful and humane ways. They have become their own childhood, and they feel comfortable this way. Sadly.

But then there are those who still remember the pain of being parented in this abusive manner, those who are scarred emotionally, and those who don’t want to put their children through the same nightmare they had to go through. These are the parents who break the cycle, make a conscious decision not to be slaves to their childhood memories anymore, and do everything they can not to repeat the same mistakes with their own children.

You can decide if you are becoming your childhood, or breaking this cycle of violence.

Photo: Matt Batchelor (Flickr)


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