Quote (Jodi Picault)


Another deep message today. Sounds simple, yet not many people give it enough thought.

Do you want love or blind obedience (also mistaken for”respect” by some parents) from your kids? If you want to be loved, then be the person worth loving. Would you love someone who constantly intimidates you, yells at you, spanks you, doesn’t respect your opinion, and only wants you to follow everything that person says, all the time? Would you, honestly, be able to love someone like that? Then don’t be that way with your own kids. Be someone they would look up to because they want to, not because they are forced to. Be someone they would enjoy spending time with, someone they would feel like they can trust, because they know you won’t harm them, and will understand and support them. Be someone…you would love yourself if you were in your child’s shoes. Be someone who deserves love.

Photo: Dani Venn (Flickr)


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