Peaceful Parent in the making

Today my 5 y/o daughter woke up in the morning, and first thing she said was how much she loved me. And she kept repeating it and hugging me throughout the day, randomly, for no reason. I guess it was one of those days for her.

Is it a big deal? It is for me. I am a Peaceful Parent in the making, and this just shows me that I am on the right track with my kids. Why? Because I wasn’t peacefully parented myself, and I don’t remember saying and doing things like that as a child. I didn’t say them, I still don’t say them, I don’t feel like saying them, sadly.

I wish my relationship with my parents were different, but it is not. And while I can’t change my childhood at this point, I can help my kids to have a childhood I always wanted for myself. This way I still get a shot at having an amazing relationship in my family, even if many years later, and even if I am a parent and not a child anymore.

And while I won’t know what it is like to be this kid who shares her love with her mom so easily and so frequently, I am honored and happy to be this kid’s Mom. I really am.


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