I was spanked and I am not OK


I see many blogs sharing their, or their readers’, childhood experiences with spanking and how it negatively affected them later in life. And I applaud that people are speaking up and not just going the usual “I was spanked and I am OK, so all you fools have no idea what you’re talking about”.

And here is my contribution today. I was spanked and I am not OK. Yes, I am a functional, good (I’d like to believe) human being, not in jail, never killed anyone, BUT it doesn’t mean I am OK because I was spanked. If anything, I was so NOT OK with having grown up in a negative parenting household that when I was a little kid I gave myself a promise to never ever raise a hand at my own kids when/if I had them. I have kids now. I remembered my promise. I parent them peacefully and there is never a need for me to ever hurt them physically or mentally to get my point across. There are better ways, more humane and more effective ways. It’s called Positive Parenting. Google it and stop being OK with hurting your kids. Because it’s just never OK, whichever way you look at it, and whichever lame excuse you come up with.

Yes, something like this for my contribution today will do, I think.

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