Teach your own


If I have to pick one thing that I learned from all the research I have been doing lately on children and education, I would have to say that educating your own kids should always remain your top priority. It doesn’t mean everyone should homeschool. Let’s face it, not everyone wants to, not everyone can afford to, and not everyone may believe it is the best choice for their family. But one thing we all should have in common is never relaxing about our children’s education even if they go to school. Schools can not teach kids everything they might be interested in, or everything that they may need to know based on your own family’s experience and values. That is why it is extremely important to be deeply involved in your child’s daily progress in learning about life and everything that comes with it.

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I was spanked and I am not OK


I see many blogs sharing their, or their readers’, childhood experiences with spanking and how it negatively affected them later in life. And I applaud that people are speaking up and not just going the usual “I was spanked and I am OK, so all you fools have no idea what you’re talking about”.

And here is my contribution today. I was spanked and I am not OK. Yes, I am a functional, good (I’d like to believe) human being, not in jail, never killed anyone, BUT it doesn’t mean I am OK because I was spanked. Continue reading