Is stranger really a danger?


Let’s talk about child safety today. I stumbled upon this article and felt it was important to share it with you. I never really thought about it this way. And yet, yes, our kids shouldn’t be afraid of all strangers, you never know when they might need help and will be afraid to ask. And who is a stranger? It is hard to explain, and it is even harder for a little kid to practice when someone comes up, introduces himself/herself, and they are not strangers anymore. You’d be surprised how easy it is for an adult to cross this”stranger” line and win a child’s trust.

Ok, back to the article that can be found here. By the way, the article introduces an amazing work done by Pattie Fitzgerald, the founder of Safely Ever After. Definitely pay them a visit and read their blog. I learned so many useful ideas that I need to start introducing to my 4 year-old soon. Maybe even tomorrow.

Brief intro on what to expect from the article:

“It is unlikely your kid is going to be abused by a weirdo at the park (huge sigh of relief).
That said, if there is a weirdo at the park, he’s not going to fit the “stranger” model — so stop teaching your kid about strangers!
Teach your kids about TRICKY PEOPLE, instead. TRICKY PEOPLE are grown-ups who ASK KIDS FOR HELP (no adult needs to ask a kid for help) or TELLS KIDS TO KEEP A SECRET FROM THEIR PARENTS (including, IT’S OKAY TO COME OVER HERE BEHIND THIS TREE WITHOUT ASKING MOM FIRST. Not asking Mom is tantamount to KEEPING A SECRET.)
Teach your kids not to DO ANYTHING, or GO ANYWHERE, with ANY ADULTS AT ALL, unless they can ask for your permission first.
See how I said ANY ADULTS AT ALL? That’s because:
It’s far more likely your kid is going to be abused by someone they have a relationship with, because most cases of abuse follow long periods of grooming — both of the kid and his or her family.”

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