AAP says not to spank


I thought is was worth sharing. In case, you know, people think spanking kids is a norm. Nope, it is not, and it is actually advised AGAINST.

2 thoughts on “AAP says not to spank

  1. Children’s Mercy hospital here in KC came out with a policy this wee that they would discourage spanking by intervening when they see it. Children who have been spanked or otherwise physically disciplined will be given a toy or coloring book to distract them. Parents will be taken to a social worker for a conversation on effective discipline. I imagine this is something they’ve long wanted to do, and this AAP report gave them the backing to do it. I’m thrilled to see this… Probably the CM hospital policy will not cause major change In parenting skills, but it can’t hurt and maybe it will make a few parents stop, think, and react appropriately. -Amy at http://www.momgoeson@wordpress.com

    • I hope the situation will change eventually, though not keeping high hopes it will happen anytime in the near future. But even small victories here and there will help in the long run. You are right about that.

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