Philosophical meme revised


Time for another revised meme. This time a philosophical one. I thought it was so fitting for our Peaceful Parenting style, that I changed it a bit and got a perfect message I want to send out into the world. Original message is in white, my addition is in blue.

Yes, it is possible to raise kids who are kind, polite, respectful, thoughtful, pleasant to be with, and compassionate to the needs of others. And it is possible to raise them without raising your hands and voices. Actually, it is ONLY possible to raise kids like that by treating them with respect and modeling this very behavior you want them to demonstrate in the future. Not because they will be scared of being punished and spanked if they don’t, but because that will be what they grew up witnessing, and it would come naturally to them.

And if people tell you otherwise, well, those are their limitations, not yours. 🙂


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