Don’t yell, talk instead.

Lesson Of The Day:

Just remembered that I wanted to share one experience with my 2.5 y/o son the other day. Evenings are not easy for me, and that is usually when I tend to be tempted to lose my cool. This time my kids were extremely loud and not cooperating too much while I was trying to get them ready for bed. I felt that I was very close to losing it, and out of desperation I took a deep breath and loudly announced that my head hurt badly from all the screaming, and it could so happen that I might end up yelling pretty soon, and I really wish I didn’t have to. Then my son got quiet, looked into my eyes very seriously, told me he was sorry, and then gave me a kiss. And I melted right there. And everything went much smoother after that.

The lesson here is trusting that our kids, no matter how young, are capable of making emotionally intelligent connections and choosing the best way to respond to conflict situations, WHEN they are treated with respect. Was I surprised that a little kid would actually understand my frustration and then offer his sympathy? Yes, but “shocked” would be a better word for how I felt. And little things like that strengthen my belief in peaceful communication and Positive Parenting.

A lot of us didn’t get a chance to have an emotionally safe and healthy childhood, but at least we can try to offer it to our children, now that we know better. Let’s!


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