It’s only Spaghetti.

A Positive Parenting moment in time:

Today my 2.5 y/o son had some fun during lunch, while I was in the kitchen and he and his sister were supposed to be eating their spaghetti in the dining room, a few steps away from me. When I came to see what my daughter was screaming about, I saw that he threw all the spaghetti on the floor. And knowing my son, I am sure he was doing it according to his own system, one by one. He seemed pretty satisfied with it, too.

Now, something like this obviously calls for some screaming and punishment, in a negative parenting world, anyway. Definitely something I must have been punished for as a kid, knowing my mom. But…I am not my mom, and I am trying to be a peaceful parent. So, here is what happened next.

I know that kids like exploring new things. They also like sensory experience. And spaghetti? Come on, it just asks to be played with and thrown on the floor, right? I get that part about my son, he is very much into sensory explorations. But I am not happy if I am the one doing all the clean up. So I brought two plates and two forks (to spice it up). I asked him to help me pick up all the spaghetti and put it in his plate, and I was doing the same next to him. He loved it. And when it got too hard to use forks anymore, he started using his hands and even showed me that it was much easier this way. We cleaned it all up, and everyone was happy with the lessons taught/learned. I tried to teach that some things are fun and messy, but you still have to clean up afterwards. And I hope he learned it. If not, then maybe next time it will sink in better. I am sure there will be a next time. Knowing my son, anyway. 🙂

As you see, I could have reacted negatively and ended this situation with my son crying and myself getting stressed, and then feeling unhappy with the whole experience. Instead, I chose a peaceful way, everyone was positive about our results, my son got his sensory experience first with throwing spaghetti, and then picking it up with a fork. That part was fun too, believe me. And I got some help in cleaning it up. Gotta love Positive Parenting!

In the end, it is ONLY Spaghetti!


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