Another bad meme revisited


You must have seen this meme going around. It makes me SICK. Not even the meme itself, because it is just plain stupid and not even funny. But the response it gets from the general public. Some of us break out of this cycle and learn to do better for own children, but the majority just keeps repeating the same mistakes. And then make silly memes and laugh at them. 😦 So I had to fix it, and I feel a bit better now.

Seriously though, respect can not be beaten into you. It has to be EARNED. And what does beating teach? It teaches that next time you have to be sneakier and smarter not to get caught. It teaches to be afraid of your parents, because they are bigger and stronger, and they can hurt you when they feel like it.

It teaches you to start hiding your feelings, because you don’t really feel guilty for doing something they consider wrong, but you fake your remorse and promise not to do it, not to be hit again. Most of the time you have no idea why you shouldn’t do this something that got you into trouble, because no one bothered to sit you down and calmly explain what went wrong, and how it is better to act next time. All you know is your parents don’t want you to do this something, and if you do, you get a beating. Doesn’t really encourage independent thinking or taking responsibility for your thought-through actions, does it? Just plain blind obedience out of fear to get another painful lesson at the hands of those whom you love. Or supposed to love. Love, what is it, anyway? It is all too confusing and screwed up. How can you hit and hurt when you love? Isn’t there a better way? There must be. Because this way just doesn’t feel right. It is just WRONG!

Love, respect, and patience with these little human beings you brought into this world will take all of you much farther than an easy solution, like beating, ever would. Let’s start raising individuals who are capable of thinking for themselves, who can take responsibility for their actions, and who know what love is. Not just know love, but are capable of sharing it with others, their own future children included.


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