Grateful to be a parent

Whenever I complain about sleepless nights (like yesterday, or the day before), or stress over lack of free time, or have to put up with screaming and fighting kids, there is always someone who would give anything to be…ME. Because they wish they could have kids, but they don’t. And if you put it this way, then I have nothing to complain about, and everything to be grateful for.

Yes, I am grateful for being so lucky and having someone call me ‘Mom’. And I love having little arms give me big hugs, and little voices tell me how much they love me. Yes, I am extremely grateful.
And all the things I sometimes complain about? I am grateful for them, too. Because one day…I will really, really miss them.


4 thoughts on “Grateful to be a parent

    • Thank you for understanding. I am really afraid of those days in the future when I will be regretting all the things I haven’t done with my kids while they were little. I know I can’t do it all, but I hope I won’t miss anything important.

      • You just have to do the best you can. I’ve found that even with a career that sometimes meant I couldn’t see them until bedtime or was out of town all together, they’ve always been very appreciative of me busting my butt for them – even if I fell short. And you won’t miss much that’s important, because you’ve already chosen not to. 🙂

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