Grateful to be a parent

Whenever I complain about sleepless nights (like yesterday, or the day before), or stress over lack of free time, or have to put up with screaming and fighting kids, there is always someone who would give anything to be…ME. Because they wish they could have kids, but they don’t. And if you put it this way, then I have nothing to complain about, and everything to be grateful for.

Yes, I am grateful for being so lucky and having someone call me ‘Mom’. And I love having little arms give me big hugs, and little voices tell me how much they love me. Yes, I am extremely grateful.
And all the things I sometimes complain about? I am grateful for them, too. Because one day…I will really, really miss them.

Less stress, more holidays


It’s the holiday season again. A million things on your to-do list, gifts, cards, wrapping, cleaning, cooking, last minute shopping, visitors, etc. And you get so caught up in this mess that holidays seem like a nightmare, and everyone and everything seems to stress you more than usual. Does it have to be like this? I vote ‘No’.

Honestly, I already gave up on so many things that the old me (before kids and family) took very seriously, and couldn’t do without. Cleaning until the house shines and sparkles? Whom are you kidding?

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Quote (Wendy Mogel)


I wanted to write a long explanation, and look up some article to support this quote. But you know what? I think this quote is quite self-explanatory. Choose age-appropriate chores, introduce them early, and get your kids used to the idea that being a family comes with some responsibilities shared by everyone, and everyone’s contribution is equally important.

Photo: Andrea R (Flickr)

Quote (Maya Angelou)


Not the usual parenting stuff you are used to, but this is something that I believe. Giving back to the world is the only way to thank the world for having what you have. I am fortunate to have the life and opportunities that I am grateful for, to have a wonderful family and amazing kids, to be able to do the things I love. I am fortunate to be able to try to be a better parent to my children and keep mastering this thing we call peaceful/gentle/positive parenting.
And then you start thinking about others who are not as fortunate, and a lot of them are kids who just can’t provide for themselves, or defend themselves, and are struggling to survive…and you feel like you need to do something.
Let’s throw something back once in a while. Let’s send some positive energy into this world and help someone along the way. Pick your cause, a charity, a child or a family in need, a local fundraiser, anything at all that can improve someone’s life. Let’s all do something. And not just this holiday season, but as much as we can throughout our life. Let’s!