Positive parent’s surprise of the day

I was reading to my 4 y/o daughter today and we found a new word for her: ‘password’. While trying to explain what it meant and how it worked, I suggested we should come up with a password for the two of us. As I was just starting to sift through some random simple words in my head, she told me she’d already picked the word for us, to my surprise. It was real quick. And the word she picked shocked me, but in a good way. It also made me feel very proud of her, of me, of all of us who are trying to break the cycle of our own ‘negative parenting’ upbringing despite the criticism from the general parenting public. It made me believe, yet again, that we are not just wasting our time, we are changing the future through our children.

And the random word my 4 year-old positively parented kid picked was…LOVE.


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