Kids come first

I see too often how parents get stressed and embarrassed easily when out in public with their kids. They have too many expectations and create too many unrealistic rules, and always feel uncomfortable and apologetic when kids don’t follow their lead. Lets be honest, children are children, they want to have fun more than they want to worry about making you look ‘good’ by societal standards. Look at it this way: be real in your expectations, give kids some room to keep exploring and enjoying life (while ensuring their safety), let them have some harmless fun if no one gets hurt, and stop worrying about what others think of you. Just STOP worrying about it. We all have our days, both your family and those strangers, we all should be understanding and accepting of each other. One more thing, you will never see these strangers in your life again, but you will always have your kids watching you, and learning lessons from your behavior and how you treat them. Show them that they always come first, and that you care more about your relationship with them than about making a ‘good’ impression on some passers-by by getting too aggressive with your kids while trying to keep them in line. You will start enjoying your outings more this way. And your kids will too.


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