Fleeting (poem)


Nothing lasts forever. Treasure every moment you get to spend with your children and loved ones. Try to fill every moment with things worth remembering. Let go of anger and harsh words, choose love and kindness. Because before you know it…these moments will be gone forever.

by Rachel Wolf of Lusa Organics

These days are fleeting.
Nothing lasts forever.

And I wonder when my son will be as tall as me.
And when my daughter will no longer curl in my lap and kiss my cheeks.
I wonder at how much longer my arms will be the welcome nest that my children flock to, encircling them as they sleep.
And when they will finally pull away.

And so tonight I will lay beside you until you are soundly dreaming, just in case I wake tomorrow to discover that you’ve grown up.

Today I will hold you in my arms.
I will listen to your dreams.
I will take your hand and go wherever you wish to go.
While you still want to journey there together.
Because soon it will be time.
Time to open my arms and let you go.
As you find your wings and soar.

Full text found here: http://lusaorganics.typepad.com/clean/2013/02/fleeting.html

Photo: Traci (Flickr)


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