How not to yell at your kids


Yelling. A lot of us have been there, many still are. Does yelling stress you and your kids even more? Does it seem that it only works short term and then the behavior repeats again? Do you feel like you want to try something else? Great!!! I know how you feel. Because I have been there, feels like ages ago but, in reality, only 2 years ago. Then I discovered gentler and more effective methods of discipline, and I have never looked back since. I respect myself more now, and I see that my kids respond better when I treat them with love and respect. Instead of destroying my relationship with my children by yelling at them I use other positive/peaceful methods. If you are new to this concept, try starting with this article. It summarizes alternatives to yelling in 10 short and sweet suggestions.

And if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to message me. I will always try to help with what I have learned so far.
Full text found here:

“As parents, it can be way too easy to slip into a pattern of yelling way more than we like.
Not only does this create a scary, toxic environment for everybody, but it’s not even effective.

Take a deep breath. If you’re going to react, breathe first and think of what you’re going to do or say. Nine times out of ten, just that breath will help you react in a better way.

Walk away. If it’s something that really doesn’t matter (the couch cushions are all on the floor after you’ve just straightened them the 5th time today), let it go. Fix it later, and let a little low level trouble go for now.

Think back to your childhood. Before you holler, take a minute to remember yourself at that age. Think about what troublesome things you did and how your parents acted. Also think back to times you were troublesome and were treated kindly anyway (by parents, grandparents, teachers, babysitters, anybody) and how that felt.

Remember the old adage: The days are long but the years are short. Parenting is hard, but so is being a child. Try responding in some new ways and see if the days get a little easier for everybody.”

Photo: Nate Grigg (Flickr)


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