Stop hurting and start loving your children


Do you like being screamed at, hit, spanked, pushed, pulled, kicked, put in time-outs, and humiliated in front of others for doing something that doesn’t please someone? Would you prefer that, instead, people would choose to talk to you respectfully and explain in a normal voice what they disagree with, and how they would like to resolve the situation peacefully? Would you be more willing to listen to them and analyze your behavior in this case? Or would you be more willing to be punished and hurt every day to be taught a lesson? Do you learn better through love, or through pain and fear?

Children are no different from adults. Don’t do to them what you hated being done to you. As an adult, you can defend yourself against a raised hand or voice. As a child…you have no choice other than suffer with no one there to help you.

For everything else there is Positive Discipline/Parenting and Loving Guidance. Do your research today, and change your lives tomorrow.


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