Let boys play princess


This is something that some parents still have a problem with not because they are bad parents, but because they don’t know why it happens and not sure how they should react, if at all. I think it is time more parents got educated on the subject for the sake of their boys.

This is a wonderful article from Ahaparenting.com in which Dr. Laura Markham responds to this concern raised by a worried parent.
Full text found here:

“What does your son’s strong interest in girly things mean?

MANY four year old boys play princess. Many say pink is their fave color. This is natural and normal, as much as when girls reject princesses and pink in favor of soccer and pirates. As parents become less dictatorial about conventional gender roles, boys are feeling more free to explore. That’s a good thing.

How can you manage your own worrisome thoughts about this?

First, you acknowledge them. What are you worried about? That your son might be gay? What would be so bad about that? Would it make him any less lovable to you? Would it make his life any less fulfilling?”


One thought on “Let boys play princess

  1. A friend of ours used to be the boy in pink who loved to play princess. Now he is popular with the girls because he understands them better than the other boys!

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