How to survive a snowstorm


Here is something that helped us survive for three days after the snowstorm, without electricity and any form of heating. We have a fireplace that we only use for fun once in a while, maybe only once-twice a year, and which we couldn’t use this time because of the heavy snow on the roof that blocked our flue that lets the smoke out. So, obviously, we were left to fight for our lives with only a gas stove in the kitchen.
NOW, I remembered that when I was a kid we would put big rocks on top of the stove to generate more heat. I also knew you could do this with bricks, or something similar. We only had these landscaping stones around, so I decided to try them out. First we put only two and it got much warmer over the next few minutes. Then we decided to put two more and see what happens. You have no idea how hot they get and how much warmth they produce. We would heat up two rooms easily just by doing it with these stones. When it got too hot for my taste we just killed the fire under some of them, or removed the extra stones.
The only thing I have to warn about: keep anything that you don’t need getting warm, away from the stove. I didn’t realize that a lot of things in the above and nearby cabinets got too warm. Especially be careful with liquids, perishable packed foods, and medications; I am sure high temperatures are not too good for them.
That’s it, I hope you won’t be too afraid to be stuck in freezing temperatures without power when you know you have options to stay warm.


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