Another meme revised


Ok, I really, really, REALLY can’t ignore this meme anymore. The more I see it passed around, the sadder I feel that people find it funny, and agree with it. I had to fix it.
Maybe if we tried to raise our kids as people who were not spanked, but respected instead; and we didn’t force them to believe that “better” has to be an external race against others for rewards, and not an internal process within yourself to become a better version of you today than you were yesterday; maybe THEN we would actually have ourselves a world where there is more justice, more sense, more compassion, more love, more respect, and more change for the BETTER. Maybe?

P.S. About competition:
Healthy competition: YES! Unhealthy competition teaching little inexperienced kids that this is a dog-eats-dog world: PLEASE NO!!! There is a time and place for kids to learn about such things, just not when they are not capable of competing and/or grasping the idea yet.

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