Meet my fence


If you ever get curious what my fence looks like beyond just that one segment that I let you see, here it is. This is our fence: some things created by me, and some by my kids. Because I can’t work alone without my two little helpers, we all learned to share the fence. Well, I learned to share it, they are still work in progress. 😉


2 thoughts on “Meet my fence

  1. It’s a beautiful scene. Is this your backyard? If so, you are really lucky and I am jealous!
    But aren’t you worried that a kid/someone else will crawl through or under the fence?

    • Yes, our backyard. Everything behind the fence is our neighbors’, we are allowed to climb over to walk in their field though. They don’t really go there alone without me, I am always outside when they are. We’ll see how long it lasts this way. 🙂

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