How to get kids to try new foods


I don’t force my kids to eat when they don’t feel like it, or when they are not hungry. I trust they know their bodies better than I do, and I don’t want to make a fuss out of their appetite, and create some unwanted relationship with food in the future. BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t try to teach good eating habits by offering them a variety of heathy choices. This is tricky sometimes, as every parent knows, but I discovered that this simple story gets my daughter so fascinated that she would try almost anything. ALMOST, still not everything. Sometimes she asks me for this story, and we even found her a very pretty shiny ceramic bowl, that serves as our magic pot.
I also try to change the story to keep it fresh every time. Sometimes we have a girl with her mother, sometimes we have a brother and a sister, or the whole family of characters. They also live in different places and houses. The sky is the limit here, really.
In case you want to try it next time, good luck!

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