Protect your children from predators


I think we all established that tickling should be done very carefully, and should be stopped as soon as a child either asks for it to stop or shows that it is not pleasant anymore.
I am sure loving and respectful parents will know exactly when not to cross the line. But how about non-parents who try to tickle your children? What do you do and how should you respond?

This is a VERY important article for all parents to read at least once in their life. You can never know enough to prevent abuse until you learn how it happens and what signs to look for:

“How Pedophiles Seduce Children:

Pedophiles begin grooming children by identifying areas of vulnerability. They seduce children in much the same way an adult would seduce another adult.
They lavish the child with special attention, kindness, offer treats, give gifts for no reason, and offer to take the child on outings. They develop hobbies that children find attractive. They tell the child she’s pretty, special or the favorite.
Predators side with the child in family disputes. They lie, manipulate and coerce to get what they want. They never have the child’s welfare at heart.

Pedophiles Destroy Boundaries And Desensitize The Child:

Pedophiles attempt to blur boundaries of what is appropriate, inappropriate, normal or abnormal. They sidle up to a child and invade their body space to gauge the child’s resistance or reluctance to being in close physical contact.
They desensitize the child to touch by gradually increasing various types of touch. Nearly all molesters engage children in tickling, roughhousing, picking the child up, massaging, cuddling, holding, patting, rocking, kissing and touching. By “accident,” pedophiles touch the buttocks, breasts or genitals and just happen to open the bathroom door when the child’s inside.

People accept the lies of pedophiles to avoid conflict, refrain from expressing disbelief, overlook warnings, accept lies to avoid awkwardness, and they don’t want to believe an adult would molest a child.

The truth is that each pedophile molests on average 260 victims in his lifetime.

We must recognize the pattern of grooming behaviors and follow these criteria:
Supervise your children
Know who their friends are and where they go
Become acquainted with your child’s teachers, coach, piano teacher, sitter and neighbors
Keep your eye on them when you are shopping, at the park, and out in public
Do not send them into public restrooms alone
Keep your child away from any adult who tries to single out your child or get them alone
Screen sitters and caretakers carefully
Believe your gut feeling. If it feels wrong, it is wrong.”

Photo by Nicole Mays (Flickr)


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