Captain Grammar Pants


I appreciate good grammar and punctuation. I make mistakes myself but I am trying to learn whenever I can, and I hope I am slowly improving. Captain Grammar Pants is my latest addiction, and I love their creative style of educating the public while, at the same time, keeping it light and easy to understand. And who can refuse a bit of humor here and there? I know I can’t.

In their own words:
Correcting bad grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization, while keeping the grammar guardians of the world informed in a lighthearted manner, one day at a time!

Decades as a college professor, thousands of student papers read, cried, laughed and sighed over, edited, and handed back covered in red (or green) ink.”


2 thoughts on “Captain Grammar Pants

  1. If you enjoy Captain Grammar Points, you may also appreciate my editing blog, When Write Is Wrong ( I try to make my posts informative and fun. Do I always succeed? Probably not. But its worth the effort. – Owen P.S. Did you catch that? I wrote “its” in that last sentence. It should be “it’s.” See, it’s important! 😉

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