Mainstream meme revisited


This is a meme that usually generates a lot of “likes” and LOLs among many people. I always feel very sad when I see it shared…again, and again. This time I thought I’d try to apply what I learned so far and see what my “things to say” would be. I am sure a lot of positive parents have their own favorite lines and suggestions different from mine. Maybe someone else will decide to make their own version of this meme. 😉

P.S. Regarding veggies, it is my personal approach based on the following: I don’t force my kids to eat when they don’t want to. I remember when I was a kid and sometimes felt full after a few spoonfuls, and my mom kept pushing and pushing until I almost gagged. If my daughter says she doesn’t want her veggies, or pasta, or whatever she has on her plate, I don’t force her. I ask if she would eat it later and we offer it later. Quite often she eats it later as a snack or even at the table.


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