Home Birth


Home birth. People choose it for different reasons. It runs in some families, some turn to it after having their first birth at the hospital, others find out about this option with their first child, etc. I had my first at the hospital. My second was a home birth.

It is MY personal story, MY opinion and MY experience. I am not telling it to upset or judge anyone. I am sharing it because I want to let others know that there is this option not many even consider.

I was pregnant with my first child and I knew I wanted a natural birth with no interventions and pain medications. My local hospital seemed to support women like me and I was promised that I would get it my way. I hired a doula towards the end of my pregnancy and she told me about home birth. I never even heard of it before. By then I thought it was too late to change anything, and how bad a hospital birth can be, right? To make the story short, I didn’t get the birth that I wanted. Everything went wrong, no one even cared about my birth plan, no one let me do anything my way, it was horrible, I felt miserable, I hated my birth. I am still “lucky” I didn’t end up with a c-section though. That was the only positive outcome of that negative experience.

After that I decided I didn’t want any more children, I just couldn’t picture going through that twice. My second pregnancy was a shocking surprise. I cried for days refusing to believe I would have to do it again. But then I already knew that hospital wasn’t even an option. This time I’d have to try home birth. And I decided to see it as an opportunity to make it right. That I could, maybe, have it my way this time. And I did have my home birth. And it was amazing, I felt like THAT is what every birth should be like. I even managed to have a water birth. How cool is that?

Bottom line. Research different options, know your rights, don’t buy into lies and don’t feel forced to do things you can choose not to do. It is your life, your baby, your decision and your body. No one should tell you to get induced, to not be allowed to move freely, to have those stupid IVs when there are other options to deal with GBS, and a million other things.

You can still choose hospital birth and be happy with it. But you can also choose home birth and be just as happy this way. Make an informed decision and good luck with your birth.

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