Don’t use labels in parenting (quote)


I don’t fit any mainstream labels. I am a bit of everything with a hint of my own life experiences and values. I “shop” around for great ideas and I work them into my own parenting style. I accept most core philosophies of a lot of parenting styles, I choose what’s best for a child, and then I try to adapt it to our family. But… There is always this “but” that doesn’t let you adapt everything you wish you could. Sometimes certain things just don’t work the same for everyone due to your specific family dynamics. Don’t feel guilty, don’t feel ashamed, don’t feel pressured to perform no matter what. As long as you put your children’s interests first, you will never be wrong. And don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your educated choices that came from love. Sometimes a parent does know best. And there is no shame in that.


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