Shocking that it was found shocking

How odd that I found this beautiful nursing photo as an official mainstream ad for a clothing company, decided to show it to the Facebook world saying, “Look, it is not so bad if even this popular clothing company didn’t have a problem with it”, and instead it got reported and removed by Facebook. And I got a warning. Wow, people, babies need to eat, mothers need to feed, get over it and stop getting shocked. There is nothing shocking about something as natural as nursing your child.


And here is the original, in case you want to enjoy it without the Facebook warning:


And here is one more from me on the subject, since I am discussing problems with people having problems with nursing human babies. That, pretty much, sums up my opinion about doing what’s natural and necessary for our kids.


One thought on “Shocking that it was found shocking

  1. Facebook’s policy on breastfeeding photos reflects the misogynistic dickheads who started it. They sicken me whenever they remove a beautiful photo of a child breastfeeding, which they do A LOT.

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