Free Your Kids


Even though I am not yet sure if I will choose homeschooling when my kids get older or not, I still read about it and listen to others share their experiences. I respect those who choose this path and educate others about it. Free Your Kids is a great place to start learning about that, and million other things that this page stands for. Read their About section carefully, these people mean business and don’t kid around much about their main objectives. Maybe that is what attracts me to them. Principles!

In their own words:

“We started this page to discuss three main things: homeschooling/unschooling, peaceful parenting, and the benefits of limited/nonexistent government. Of course, we’re not limited to these topics. We’ve discussed pretty much anything and everything in the year since we started Free Your Kids.
Anyone is welcome to hang-out and/or participate, whether you agree with us or not. Things can get heated; we’re not talking about the weather here. Try to keep your cool and refrain from name-calling or insult-hurling.”


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