Nonviolent Parenting


I guess the name of this page says it all and I don’t even need to explain why I picked Nonviolent Parenting this time. I agree with the message, I agree with their philosophy, I agree with peaceful parenting methods that they advocate for. And my fence agreed that we just had to put them on it this time.


4 thoughts on “Nonviolent Parenting

  1. I believe that you shouldn’t strike your kids but I see so many parents try passive parenting and their children just walk all over them. How can you fix that?

    • Thank you. I’m going to be a first time parent here in the summer and I’m really just looking for advice. I guess some parents take peaceful and turn it into more of push over. I’ve had many friends who’s parents were that way.

      • Oh no, parenting is work, and what we do is much more work than what people think. It is SO SO hard not to get aggressive and just hit your child, or send him in a time-out, which is a very easy way out for a parent out of a difficult situation. And the child is stuck with his unexplained emotions of anger and helplessness alone in the room. Basically what I am saying is hitting is easy, becoming your child’s slave is easy, but raising a responsible and thinking human being is extremely hard. I have been raised with spanking, time-outs, humiliation, and I turned out fine despite all that, not because of that. But so many parents do not remember or shut down how hurtful it was and project the same style on their children, that is what disappoints me.
        Tara, let me know if you would like more articles to look at for your research, or just follow my FB page to see different comments people leave about their own struggles or success. It is inspiring, believe me. I started off with my first child as an angry parent, I didn’t spank but I didn’t know anything at all. And we were having tantrum after tantrum by the time she was 2. And then I discovered positive parenting. And she changed completely, and I changed. It works, it really does. I can’t be happier by choosing to go this route. That is why I am so passionate about educating others, because I am myself a living proof that it works.
        Thank you for listening, I talk a lot today, hah. Time to shut up.

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