The Way of the Peaceful Parent


I have been following The Way of the Peaceful Parent for over a year and wanted to share with those who might have come from a difficult childhood themselves. I know how hard it is to become a different parent than your own parents were, but that is exactly why we need to realize that theirs wasn’t the best parenting style. And it is definitely not worth applying the same methods (or lack thereof) to our children. If you need support along the way, check them out, they have one of the best advice and information for anyone willing to do better for their kids. It is never too late to change your ways and offer a better childhood for your kids. If not you and not now, then who and when?

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In their own words:

“The Peaceful Parent Institute offers support to parents, caregivers, teachers and those interested in practicing healthier and more respectful ways of relating to babies, children, teens and parents.

We teach the communication skills that are invaluable in all situations and relationships, especially when setting limits, asserting boundaries and mediating conflict.

Parents are supported to explore the effects of their childhood on their relationship with their child. PPI supports parents in their journey of self-healing and learning skills that help them reduce their stress, anxiety, fears and anger.”


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