How I create my fences


I heard a few times by now that not everyone is aware I actually write my messages on a REAL fence. To dispel this myth, here is a photo of my unedited fence that my daughter is trying to destroy, as she and her little brother usually do the second after I take a picture of it for the page. So here is a brief description of what my work involves:

I use our black fence, which works great because I doubt white one would work in this case. I buy super-bright, almost neon colored chalk. I use my digital SLR camera. I tried using my other point-and-shoot little camera and the results were not exactly the same.
First I decide what I want to write if I am lucky and have the time for it. If not then I need to come up with my messages as I go, hoping the kids would not distract me too much to cause spelling or stylistic mistakes (happened before).
While I am working on my fence I need to constantly keep an eye on my kids working on their own fences, because more often than not they try to start “helping me”, and that is not exactly desirable because their vision for my work is quite different from mine. And when that happens I get disappointed and they start celebrating, apparently destroying mommy’s fences while she is still working on them is a lot of fun. Especially for my 1 y/o son. So sometimes you can find me drawing on the fence with one hand, and keeping my son away from it with my other free hand, or legs, whichever side he is trying to attack me from. And while I am doing that, my 3 y/o daughter is watching me like a vulture waiting for a perfect moment to start finishing my work for me, she knows she is allowed to once mommy takes a photo. That leaves no room for mistakes because once the photo is taken both my kids rush to the fence, and start drawing on it with both hands full of chalk and lots of enthusiasm. Once I take that photo I edit it to make the message stand out more, not always I am blessed with good light at that particular time of the day on that particular side of our fence. Or sometimes I need to edit out some minor imperfections and my kids’ “helping” strokes but that’s pretty much it. Once I edit and add my link, I write up a description and that is what YOU see.
And that is how it happens.
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