Crunchy California Mama


I think this wonderful page is setting a good example for local parenting efforts. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in your area, then set up your own group and get carried away. Chances are there are many others like you searching for the same thing. I think if there’s nothing to lose and possibly more to gain, then why not try it?

Check Crunchy California Mama out.

In their own words:
“A while back, I recognized that there was no page that I could find specifically for naturally-minded moms in California to connect, online and in real life, with each other. And that was shocking to me! Isn’t California notoriously “hippie”? I knew I couldn’t be the only full term breastfeeding, anti CIO/baby training/spanking, baby wearing, cloth diapering, AP, gardening, non vaxxing, chicken-keeping mama in the entire golden state! So after talking to Leonie, I decided to make a place for us. We’re not competing to see who is the “crunchiest” here, we are simply all sharing on a beautiful journey in parenting and natural living.”


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