Kids can help you with gentle parenting


Positive Parenting doesn’t come easily. Especially if you’ve been brought up in a family that was very far from being gentle. And if you’re just discovering gentle discipline and trying it on, don’t get discouraged. It is hard even for me sometimes, still. We all have our days when emotions are too strong to reason with, and accidentally you act before counting to 5 or taking that deep breath. So, what do you do when you seem to forget about gentle discipline and start raising your voice? Get your kids to help. I started doing it with my then 2 year old and she was happy to help me. And now when she is 3 she always reminds me to calm down and not be “grumpy” as she puts it. And that just wakes me up, immediately.
All I am saying is you don’t have to do it alone. Your children would love to participate in making your home a peaceful place for your family. It takes practice but you will get there, all of you. Enjoy the journey!


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