Always kneel down to talk to kids


Do you like talking to someone when you have to look up in order to see their face? Would that make you feel like an equal or like someone who is just somewhere down there, and definitely not important enough to make that other person make an effort to see you face-to-face? Make it a habit to kneel down to talk to kids, always. It is only polite.

This article Do you meet your child at eye level? from Early Childhood News supports this idea:

“Do you meet your child at his/her level? Do you bend down when talking to your baby or toddler?

Eye contact sends the following messages:

I am listening to you
I care about what you are saying
You matter to me
I hear what you are telling me
You have my attention
I respect you
Nothing else is more important than this moment, right now

Children who are raised to be seen and heard grow into adults who value others. It’s that simple.”


2 thoughts on “Always kneel down to talk to kids

  1. I think we have some many ways of what we thinks works yet we face, more delinquency, back-chatting, rebellion and we do not know how to cope really. As an African I remember growing up, our mothers had different eye communication for every situation, not perfect yet very effective, you would not dare push past the warning stare.

    • Inspired Mom, I understand what you are saying. My own mom had her own stare that would terrify me and my brother to death. But seriously though, was it effective in the long run? Not for me. I hated the stare, I’d much rather she’d just relaxed a bit and talked and explained things to us instead,and showed us a bit more respect. And all we had was plain intimidation, punishments, and those looks. That is why I am so happy there are more effective alternatives nowadays in the form of Positive Parenting methods, developed based on years of research. I don’t want my kids to be afraid of me or my looks, I want them to cooperate without being scared. So far, so good. (Knock on wood) 🙂

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