Attached Parents at Work (AP for working parents)


This is another great parenting place that has principles. Everything activism and more, plus they are not stay at home parents so some things are more challenging for them than for the rest of us. So, check Attached Parents at Work out and feel free to join their community to learn something new every day, and find support if you are a working parent as well. Find them on Facebook.

In their own words:
“A community for attachment parenting and gentle discipline, especially for parents who work or go to school.
This is a PEACEFUL community for support, education and camaraderie. If you enjoy a heated debate then this is not the page for you. We’re not competing to see who is the crunchiest here. Please, no attachment parenting (AP) police. We all use AP to varying degrees and I ask that you respect other parents who have tailored it to fit their family’s unique needs. Some of us vaccinate, do not co-sleep or *gasp* formula feed. We do have a zero tolerance policy on trolling, personal attacks or misinformation that could potentially harm someone or promotes violence against children.”

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