Action Against Abuse (Cause)


One thing that drives me mad is abuse I witness in life and from the news sources regularly. It makes me want to scream, it makes me want to do something, it made me start my page to educate people about other alternatives to common practices that are WRONG. Child abuse is probably the worst crime anyone can commit in my belief system. Thank you to Action Against Abuse for fighting against it.

Find them on Facebook.

In their own words: “Children are utterly and completely dependent on their caregivers for their very existence. They are powerless, innocent and incapable of defending themselves.
When necessary, when their caregivers fail them, everyone has a duty to protect them.

We believe very strongly in the responsibility of all human beings to care for and protect the children in their community.
We believe very strongly in the power of individuals that unite because of a common ethos. We believe that when we are united, we are capable of great things.

Everything you do to change this world for children for the better contributes to a steady and global awakening. With each new individual that realizes that there IS a problem, and things MUST change, the movement becomes bigger, stronger, faster, more capable of achieving real and lasting change.”


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