How to deal with kids stressed in public

 I have a wonderful article from Janet Lansbury – Elevating Childcare™ about this very subject. Maybe it will help you get through the next shopping trip without too much stress for everyone, and it will definitely help you understand why kids can’t cooperate much in public. All we need to do is lower our expectations. I have lowered mine long ago and whenever we shop or run my errands we all try to find something fun for everyone to do. Kids are entertained with little things, their snacks and some supervised running around in a store or gently playing with some items that we carefully put back after that.
See for yourself here:“I can relate to babies. I get over-stimulated in the supermarket the way babies do. I have a strange aversion to making lists and always believe I’ll be able to take a few minutes to march down each aisle, recognizing all I need to buy. Twenty minutes later, I’m in a zombie trance and have covered less than half the store.Let’s imagine we are in the supermarket. Instead of ignoring our baby as we rush around, or placating him with a box of cereal and saying, “Look at the cool Leprechaun…hold this,” we take note that our baby is staring at a bounteous stack of oranges in the produce section. We wait while he takes in the view. If he’s still staring we might say, “You are looking at the oranges. Would you like to touch an orange?”

Sometimes we find a new appreciation for life when we slow down. Adults are used to hurrying. A child teaches us to downshift, and take in all that surrounds us in a new way. When my children were little there were countless times that I stopped and asked myself, “Why am I rushing?” Most of the time it was just a habit of expedience, and my children would then inspire me to stop and enjoy.”


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