Aha Parenting (Gentle Discipline)

Debating discipline methods? Say NO to physical and mental abuse and do your research on gentle discipline.
This site has led me to gentle discipline and changed my mind and understanding of parenting completely. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Laura Markham for her work and dedication to making the lives of little ones more peaceful, fear-free and full of love and compassion. Before you disregard the idea completely, do your research first, you will definitely fall in love with this philosophy.
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In her own words:
Ultimately, whether things change for the better in our world will depend on the quality of the human beings we are creating, every day, in our families. Everything – even, perhaps, whether our planet survives – depends on how we shape the next generation or two of human beings. In a very real way, the future of the world rests on the shoulders of parents.


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